Our “true self” emerges by fully experiencing and processing our emotions in the presence of a “true other”. Adapted from the writings of Diana Fosha, Ph.D.

About AEDP Metro DC

The AEDP Metro DC, originally called AEDP MidAtlantic, was founded in March 2014 to help bring Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) to the metropolitan DC area, support AEDP clinicians, and build a community of AEDP practitioners by offering education and supervision. AEDP Metro DC is governed by a Steering Committee comprised of AEDP-trained psychotherapists: Gail Schumann, LCSW-C (Co-Chair); Leslie Rogers, LCSW (Co-Chair); Mary Ann Dutton; PhD, Dawn Morgan, LCSW-C; Roger Sandberg, LCPC, LPC, LMFT.

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What We Offer

We are a community of psychotherapists who are interested in learning and deepening our understanding of AEDP.
In this process of developing our AEDP skills we offer Core Training, Workshops, Salons


November 6th 2022

Workshops with expert AEDP therapists offer clinicians the opportunity to deepen the skills and techniques essential to the practice of AEDP while building the internal capacity to facilitate a corrective and transformative, relational experience for those seeking help. Learn More

Core Training

Core Training is a powerful way to immerse yourself in... Continue Reading

Essence of AEDP

Diana Fosha shares an overview of AEDP

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