Core Training

Core Training is a powerful way to immerse yourself in the felt sense of the ethos of AEDP. Held over 5 weekends over the course of one year you will have the opportunity to learn from AEDP Institute Faculty in a small group comprised of 10 therapists or less. The learning and depth of this experience is remarkable.

Core Training offers an opportunity to learn the theory and practice of AEDP in a small group format (limited to 10 participants), which creates safety and a supportive learning environment. During each of five weekends the group will experience a didactic and video presentation by a faculty member, followed by 50 minutes for each member to show their recorded work and receive supervision and group support. Core training is one of the most powerful learning experiences for integrating AEDP theory into your own clinical work. The concentrated time that members spend together immersed in learning tends to foster a culture of trust and generosity which allows the risk-taking of exposing one’s own videotaped work, offers many opportunities to learn from the work of others, and creates a supportive environment that is uniquely suited for experiential learning. New core trainings are being developed, please stay tuned.